To inspire and motivate people to collectively make the world a good place

Mission Statement: 
To create and share inspiring, motivational, and informative content amongst people who want to be a part of a positive world.

WIOYS wears honest, courageous and loving values on their sleeves. We believe in order to create a good world we need to share these values with people on the internet, wherever they may be.

WIOYS | Wear It On Your Sleeve

Welcome to WIOYS! Thank you for taking a moment to read more about this site. I appreciate your time.

The idea was sparked when I was asked to speak for a video by Lynn University for It Gets Better; a website where people post videos to help prevent suicide amongst lgbt youth.

While growing up my mother always told me I wore my heart on my sleeve. Her words inspired me to live life with compassion, determination, and self preservation to which I continue to learn to do everything with love. 

I believe to live life fully one must do what makes them happy; now and in the long run.

Your Friend,