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Why numbing yourself is addictive.

Why numbing yourself is addictive.

Numbing can come from wanting to feel free.

”Free”, what does that even mean?  

Free from what?

Free from choice?

Free from liberation?

Free from control?

Free from action?

Free from freedom?  

The actual definition of free means not under control. 

So, can you allow yourself to be in control always?  

Not sure to be honest.  

All I can say is you often need to blast the music and sing like the star on American Idol and dance like everyone is watching with absolute zero judgment.  

Now turn on “dog days are over” , some “black and gold”, or “be the change” because you deserve a moment to be free.  

As always, wear it on your sleeve, be numb when you know what’s best for you in a moment  and always be free for your best self.  


What’s the big deal with Gratitude?

What’s the big deal with Gratitude?